Python is “an interpreted, interactive, object oriented programming language” similar in form and function to Pearl and Java programming languages. The language is processed or “interpreted” at run time by the interpreter Python. It is used to create everything from video games to inventory management systems as it is great for rapid application development. Python was originally created by Guido van Rossum in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. It is now maintained by be a development team of which Rossum is still an integral part.
The Python source code is available under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Unix/ Linux and web host machines come with Python already installed and equipment. If you are working from a personal computer, it is available for download for different operating systems from the Python Website
If you are new to python or are an experienced programmer in need a refresher course, there are a number of Python tutorials available for use.
Some of the best introductory guides to python are listed below:

  1. – Provides the self proclaimed Non Programmer’s Tutorial for Python.
  2. – the official python website provides a comprehensive wiki/ tutorial for all things related to python at all skill levels.
  3. – offers a beginners guide to python in eleven simple lessons that cover the following areas:
  4. Installing Python
  5. Very Simple Programs
  6. Variables, and Programs in a Script
  7. Loops and Conditionals
  8. Functions Tuples, Lists, and Dictionaries
  9. The for loop
  10. Classes
  11. Importing Modules
  12. File I/O
  13. Error Handling
  14. Beginners and persons who have more than a basic grasp, will find the following resources useful: – has a few beginner tutorials but focuses on:

  • Setting Up Python
  • Beginning Python Programming
  • Intermediate Python
  • Python for Strong Pythonistas
  • Full Projects in Python
  • pyGame for Python Games
  • Python 3.0 Introduction
  • Scientific Python Programming
  • Python GUI Programming
  • Beginner Python Web Programming
  • Beginner Django Programming
  • Python IDEs and Tools also provides video tutorials that integrate python screenshots as well as step by step “how to” guides for various aspects of Python. provides an extensive set of tutorials categorized by the following:

  • Environment
  • Basic Syntax
  • Variable Types
  • Basic Operators
  • if…else
  • while Loop
  • for Loop
  • Loop Control
  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Dictionary
  • Date & Time
  • Functions
  • Modules
  • Files I/O
  • Exceptions


  • Classes/Objects
  • Reg Expressions
  • CGI Programming
  • Database Access
  • Networking
  • Sending Email
  • Multithreading
  • XML Processing
  • GUI Programming
  • Further Extensions

There are also free python ebooks that are available for more experienced users

  1. Thinking in Python
  2. – has an extensive collection of Python books and tutorials consisting of the following (formats are specified beside each title):
  3. Advanced Python programming (pdf)
  4. Dive Into Python (zip, pdf)
  5. C++ (Cplus) Extensions (pdf)
  6. Game Programming with Python (pdf)
  7. GUI Programming with Python (zip)
  8. How to Think Like A Computer Scientist Learning With Python 2002 (pdf)
  9. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (pdf)
  10. Jython for Java Programmers (chm)
  11. Core Python Programming (pdf)
  12. Learning Python (chm)
  13. Programming Python 2nd Ed (chm)
  14. Python & XML (pdf)
  15. Python Cookbook (chm)
  16. Python Developer’s Handbook (.rar)
  17. Python In A Nutshell eBook (chm)
  18. Python Programming on Win32 (chm)
  19. Python Standard Library (chm)
  20. Python Programming with the JavaT Class Libraries 2002 (chm)
  21. Python (pdf)
  22. Python 2.1 Bible (pdf)
  23. Python Essential Reference, Second Edition (.rar)
  24. Python Network Programming (pdf)
  25. Python Pocket Reference (chm)
  26. PythonWindowsTutorial (doc)
  27. Teach Yourself Python In 24 Hours (.rar)
  28. Thinking in Python (chm)
  29. Python Tutorial (pdf)
  30. An Introduction to Tkinter (pdf)
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